This. Doesnt always work out unfortunately 💔😔
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You are like math,
so deliberate, so confusing.
and I am sorry for turning you into a simile
dealing with something so pretentious.

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"i want too much and am allowed too little." - Rakishi, “So goes the smoke” cir. 1948. (via 1924us)

literally me rn just cut off one whole side hey undercut welcome back fromm 2010
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tell all the cute boys i want nothing more than to be touched.




Marilyn Monroe was considered the sexiest woman of her time. she doesnt have the gap, you cant see her ribs, her hair doesnt come down to her ass.
she’s pretty much the opposite of what everyone risks their lives and tries so hard to be.
society you fucked up.

Confidence is key.  She accepted her body.  You’ll feel and will be seen as gorgeous and sexy once you accept who you are and what you look like.

Society is fucked up, because the definition of “beauty” has changed? Back then they were shaming skinny girls. Who were made like that. Just because we’ve changed targets, doesn’t mean it’s gotten better Silly willy.Love everyone’s bodies.

don’t wanna be a downer or anything, but marilyn monroe didn’t have “confidence” she was immensely insecure with herself as an actress and she hated be seen as a sex symbol. this insecurity was thought to be a main factor in her suicide. 

nothing hurts by c rocket on Flickr.

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No matter how hard I try i’ll never be over it.

here i was, thinking i could forget you.
thinking i could move on. 
"silly girl stupid girl, nothing is easy"

i’ll fall back into you 
every time i feel lonely or angry or hurt
it’s you, it’s you 
your brown hair, and your blue eyes 
that i’l never look into again
that keep me alive.